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The island realm of Bokn comprises three populated islands, along with numerous small, uninhabited islands. Three long bridges link the island community with the mainland to the north, and the ferry links Bokn with the Stavanger region to the south. Bokn has always been central, and the name is thought to refer to a sea marker. Boknafjellet towers 294 metres above sea level and offers an amazing scenic experience with views across all of Haugaland! Here, too, you will find grave mounds from the Bronze Age and Second World War fortifications. For the little ones, there are places suitable for bathing and a museum, and the Sunndalstraumen canal provides opportunities for exploring nature.

Bokn Tourist Information:
Bokn Servicetorg. Bokn, 5561 Bokn
Tel: 52 75 25 00
Open: Mon–Fri 8.30 am to 3 pm.


Attractions in Bokn

Boat huts/houses in Røydehamn
Bokn Church
Bokn Rural Museum
Bokn Small Town Museum
Grave finds in Bokn
Menhir in Alvestad
Menhir, Asbjørn Kloster
Old Mill
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