Cabins & Apartments

There is plenty of scope for renting either a holiday cottage or an apartment, no matter whether you fancy a weekend in Haugesund, a few weeks of a dream holiday in the skerries, or a winter holiday. Or why not spend an unforgettable night in one of our magnificent lighthouses?

Cabins and appartments along Nordsjøvegen


Fjordbris hotel & holiday apartments

Østhusvikveien 609 - 4150 Rennesøy
A quayside holiday on Rennesøy


Trosavigveien 213, 4375 Hellvik
Hellvikhyttene are exquisite, year-round holiday cottages situated by the water’s edge in Hellvik, north of Egersund. (image will follow)

Kongeparken Camping

Ålgård-slåtten 3, 4330 Ålgård
Kongeparken Camping has 27 camping cabins complete with attractive patio, fully furnished; bed linen can be hired, and an outdoor sink is an optional extra. A perfect alternative for spending the night close to Kongeparken. Open all year round.

Lindesnes Rental vacation

Ramsland, 4521 Spangereid
Fine og prisgunstige leiligheter direkte ved sjøen. Leilighetsanlegget ligger i Ramslandsvågen på vei mot Lindesnes Fyr.Leilighetsanlegget ligger i Ramslandsvågen på vei mot Lindesnes Fyr.

Obrestad cabin rentals

Håvegen 160,4365 Nærbø
Cabins in the open Jæren landscape beneath towering skies and with the ocean as your nearest neighbour!

Sageneset Holiday Centre

Nesset, 4443 Tjørhom
Summer or winter, Sirdalen offers experiences of nature you’ll never forget! You will be living close to some of the best parts of the wilds of Norway. Beavers swim in the river; elk graze in the forest, and you may encounter wild reindeer.

Sjøberg Ferie

Østhusvik, Hanasandveien 782, 4150 Rennesøy
Maritime opplevelser på Rennesøy. Sjøberg Ferie ligger på idylliske Østhusvik på Rennesøy, kun 30 min fra Stavanger. Her kan du overnatte i rolige omgivleser like i sjøkanten.

Suleskard Fjellsenter

Suleskard, 4443 Tjørhom
Great accommodation for those who want to go out to Lysefjorden and Kjerag!

Verftet Ny- Hellesund

Kapelløya, Ny-Hellesund, Søgne
A dream holiday among the skerries. Delightful apartments in the old outport of Ny-Hellesund, not far from Kristiansand and Dyreparken zoo and amusement park.

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