Salty Experience


With sand between your toes

Walking barefoot where sea meets land produces a special sense of tranquillity for body and soul alike. Along the North Sea Trail, the beaches are all lined up, looking so inviting. That’s because the perpetually rolling waves have been lapping over the sand and boulders since the dawn of time. All the way from southern Norway and all along the coast, bar a few interruptions – there they are.
Walking on a beach is like getting straight to the heart of nature. The sea energises and revitalises us. The presence of the sea creates harmony and balance; the sense of peace is unmistakable. However, its temperament is there too – mild as in a light summer breeze, or hot-tempered, determined and ominous when the irascible waves batter the land with their saline rinse. In this version of the North Sea Trail, we present three of our amazing beaches:

THE BEACHES OF LISTA: Sandy beaches extend for several kilometres of white, soft, powdery sand along the coast of Lista. The beaches are popular with bathers and ramblers. – We recommend them all!

SOLASTRANDEN: The Sunday Times designated Solastranden as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches! A popular area for excursions and bathing, and an area for wind and water sports. This sandy beach is 2.3 km long, with sand dunes.

ÅKRASANDEN: In 2014, Åkrasanden was designated one of the most magnificent beaches in Norway. The expanse of beach on Åkra measures several kilometres and in fact consists of 8 beaches, beckoning you to the white sand and clean, clear water. A nature and heritage trail connects the beach area with Ferkingstad, 2–3 km further south – a delightful ramble through unusual sand vegetation and fascinating traces of history.

Åkrasanden is renowned for the fauna found there. In this area, you will find typical sand dune species as well as less common flowers that grow only in a few parts of Norway. At times, you will also find an abundance of bird life at Åkrasanden. Migratory birds use this area as a resting place, finding food in the seaweed strewn across the beaches.

Featured Attractions

Sola beach
Lista beaches
City beach in Kristiansand
Sjøsandnes in Mandal
Hellestø beach
Ogna beach