Hausvikodden Fort

During the 2nd World War II, Germany built out a vast system of fortifications that stretched from Kirkenes in the north to the Pyrenees in the south. In the spring of 1945, there were about 280 fortifications along the coast of Norway that would prevent Allied ships and landing troops approaching.

At Hausvik Odden, there is such a fort. A twenty minute drive from Lyngdal central, the fort is located at the mouth of Rosfjord with barracks, bunkers and gun turrents . It was excavated from a network of tunnels.

In front of each tunnel, there is a canon muzzle that points out to sea.  About one hundred artillerymen manned the fort that was a part of the German Army's Coastal Artillery Regiment headquartered at Lista. The other batteries in the group were Hidra , Varnes , Marka , Nordberg and Loshavn.

The landscape is typical of this part of the coast - a mixture of rocks and jagged rock sections along the waterfront, steep slopes, thin grass, heath and woodland clinging to it.

The fort was armed with 4 x 10,5 cm K331 field guns (originally French), 2 x 8.8 cm anti-aircraft guns (ex-Russian), 2 x 4.7 cm anti-aircraft guns (ex-French) and 2 x 20 mm Flak 38 anti-aircraft guns.

There are no records of any combat with British forces during its history. After the end of the war, the fort was closed.

You can get a map from the Lyngdal tourist office to show you directions to the fort.  There is a sign at the entrance of the road to the fort that says Hausvik, which is easy to see. You then drive for a couple of hundred metres to a carpark and walk another 200 metres to the fort.

You will walk past a little boat harbour before seeing the first bunker built into the hillside. Thereafter are many bunkers, canon installations, buildings and tunnels.

The fort is an ideal fishing location from the rocks and great for a picnic to see the sunrise or sunset.

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