Coastal culture


With the North Sea as its nearest neighbor

For centuries, lighthouses have served as the shepherds of the sea, lighting up a safe maritime pathway from sea to harbour. Until quite recently, the lighthouse keepers and their families ensured the lights stayed on in what was their home. They lived an unusual life where sea meets land, bearing the brunt of the elements in their very being. Life could be extremely peaceful on good days, but at times, giant waves would rain down upon the lighthouse, adding a dramatic twist to everyday life. Modern technology has done away with the need for lighthouse keepers. However, most lighthouses are still standing, lighting the way; some are tall and majestic, while others are more like large cabins with powerful outdoor lighting. Today, it is possible to visit many of the disused lighthouse stations in Rogaland and Vest-Agder. Some even provide overnight accommodation. These lighthouses are living testimony, connecting unique stories from a bygone age and an altogether different way of life.
Rogaland and Vest-Agder more than pull their weight when it comes to lighthouses in Norway, and Lindesnes lighthouse and Tungenes lighthouse are both particularly distinguished in this regard. Today, Lindesnes lighthouse and Tungenes lighthouse are both part of the Norwegian Coastal Authority museums – Kystverkmusea – along with Dalsfjord lighthouse museum and Lofoten museum.

Eigerøy Lighthouse

Protected lighthouse, from 1854. Open lighthouse, exhibition and café with simple fare on Sundays in June and July, from 12 noon till 5 pm. The lighthouse keeper’s residence can be rented at any time of the year except for these opening times. Contact Eigersund Municipality on tel. +47 5146 8000 or visit www.eigersund.kommune.no for more information and updated opening times.

Kvassheim Lighthouse

Lighthouse building from 1912 with a calefactory in the engine room. Simple café; no obligation to purchase. Magnificent exhibition in the lighthouse building. The calefactory can be rented for events during the open season. Open Sundays and public holidays 11 am – 5 pm, from 8 January through to the end of October. Open daily, except Saturdays, 11 am – 5 pm, from mid-June to mid-August. Contact Jæren council for outdoor activities on tel.: +47 5166 7170 for more information. E-mail: post@jarenfri.no, www.jarenfri.no.

Tungenes Lighthouse

Protected lighthouse building in Randaberg from 1862. Art and cultural history exhibitions and a lighthouse café in a popular area for excursions. Opportunity to hire the venue for events outside the opening times: 7 February – 12 June: every Sunday 12 noon – 4 pm/19 June – 21 August: daily 12 noon – 4 pm/28 August – 27 November: every Sunday 12 noon – 4 pm Contact Jærmuseet (www.jaermuseet.no) for more information.

Lista Lighthouse

Lista lighthouse was first lit up in 1836. At one time, there were three beacons on the site, to distinguish this lighthouse from others. Back then, Lista lighthouse was the largest lighthouse station in Norway! The two lighthouse foundations have been excavated and are visible today. Near Lista lighthouse, you will also find Galleri Lista Fyr (Lista lighthouse gallery), Lista Fuglestasjon (bird observatory) and Lista lighthouse information centre.

Lindesnes Lighthouse

The most southerly point of mainland Norway, 2,518 km from Nordkapp. Lindesnes lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse site in Norway, dating from 1655, and is the national lighthouse museum. Exhibition on the history of lighthouses, trails, information centre, wartime fortifications, gallery, restaurant and café on the site.

Obrestad Fyr

Lighthouses Along the North Sea

Eigerøy Lighthouse
Fjøløy Lighthouse
Geitungen Lighthouse
Høye Varde Lightstation
Kvitsøy Lighthouse
Lille Presteskjær Lighthouse
LIndesnes Lighthouse
Recreation House Kvassheim
Ryvingen Lighthouse
Røværholmen Lighthouse - so beautiful - so extreme
Tungenes Lighthouse
Utsira Lighthouse
Vikeholmen Lighthouse