Rogaland War Historical Museum

The first thing that greets visitors at Rogaland War Historical Museum is the German invasion of Norway morning 9 April 1940. In 1937 it established a large and ultra-modern airport in Sola. This airport would cause Sola Rogaland landed right in the thick of that fateful morning on April 9. During the German invasion of Norway was a rapid conquest of the airport at the Sola among Germans' most important goals. On this basis, the airport was subjected to a terrifying attack early hours of April 9. Not only was this the first place in the world paratroopers were dropped into a combat zone, the airport at Sola went with the German conquest in history as the first airport in the world conquered solely through the use of airborne forces. This attack is the first that visitors see when they enter the exhibition.

Then we go from here. Past a German mortar pit and to the story of the bombing of Æger. This event will for all time be remembered as one of the first Norwegian losses during the German invasion of Norway.
Hours 2016

May 8 - 27 November
Sunday: 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Ticket prices 2016

Adults: NOK 30, -
Children: Free

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Rogaland War Historical Museum Adresse:
Rogaland Krigshistoriske museum, Sandnesvegen 42, 4050 Sola
+47 47 77 60 20
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