The Museum in Mælandsgården

Mælandsgården museum

The museum is located right in the beautiful, protected wooden houses in Old Skudeneshavn. The town grew in the 1800s, in connection with the rich herring fisheries. At the museum you can get an idea of ​​how the city grew, see how a citizen family lived 150 years ago and see old crafts that marked the cityscape. Fishing, herring salting, trade and transport are themes that have dominated Skudeneshavn for nearly 200 years. At the museum, you get an insight into how this has helped to shape the city.

HIV Away!
Join your first stay boy Harald and experience life aboard! A family show every Wednesday in July at 12. Meet at the museum. Duration 30 minutes. Entrance £ 40 - family ticket NOK 100. Ticket also valid for admission to the museum.

Mælandsgården museum is open during the summer season, 23 May - 31 August. Otherwise by appointment. Mon-Fri, 11.00 to 17.00. Sunday, 13.00 to 18.00. Adults: NOK 50, - / Children 20, -. Only cash.

City tour by teatervri
Welcome to a special walk with teatervri! Every Sunday in July, you can follow characters on an exciting journey in the city's history. Attendance at Mælandsgården museum at. 13:00. 100 NOK. Free for children under 12 years. Ticket also valid for admission to the museum.

Contact information

The Museum in Mælandsgården Adresse:
Skudeneshavn, Karmøy
+47 52 84 54 60
Opening hours:

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