Mandal - Landehobde

Lenght: 12 kilometres - Level: Light
Start from the Tourist Information, straight on and follow the road to Sjøsanden Feriesenter, where you turn right to Sånum. Passing over the brigde Bankebrua, you are able to set eyes on some of the beautiful nature park; in excess of 1300 acres og sandy beaches and trails. After Sånum, you come to Toftenes. Here, you take left to Lande, and follow the lake for a short while. The last part of this road is somewhat narrow and hilly. As there are many cottages in the area, you may experience some traffic. At the end of the road, you start walking up to Landehobde. Here, you will find remains of a fort from the Second World War. The view over the skerries is fantastic.

Contact information

+47 38278300

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