Erling Skjalgsson monument

The Erling Skjalgsson monument is situated near the Ruin Church. The monument was erected in memory of Erling Skjalgsson (975 - 1028) as Sola's most famous man of all time. The Viking chieftain has the honor of having introduced Christianity to Rogaland.

Erling Skjalgsson was from Sola. From Hogstad and northwars to the inlet of Hafrsfjord you can find a number of monoliths that traditionally has been linked to Erling Skjalgsson's name.

Contact information

Erling Skjalgsson monument Adresse:
Nordsjøvegen, 4097 Sola
Web page:
51 65 33 00
Opening hours:
0001-01-01 - 0001-01-01

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