Olav's Church at Avaldsnes - the mighty monument to greatness

Avaldsnes is Norway's oldest royal seat!

It was here that Harald Hårfagre had his main farm after the decisive battle of the unification of Norway in Hafsrfjord around the year 870. Avaldsnes retained its position of power right up to 1450. Today, the beautiful Olav's Church is the most important monument to these former glory days.

King Håkon Håkonson began formalizing Olav's Church in 1250. Presumably there was already a church in the same place that the Christian king Olav Tryggvason had built around the year 1000. Most likely this was a smaller wooden building, which was demolished in favor of the new church made of stone. But the curious thing is that the church area at Avaldsnes is surrounded by mounds and large monoliths from pre-Christian times. Why did they not choose a more "available" construction site for such monumental frame?

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