Viking for a day

How was life in the Viking Age? What can we learn about the past by studying what archaeologists dig up from the soil? Activity Booklets on Nordvegen History Centre from 21st of June.

"Viking for a day"
According to written sources Harald Fairhair, and other Viking kings, had a seat here at Avaldsnes. In the activity program "Viking for a day" you can dress up as Vikings and experience what life was like during the Viking Age. - What did the Vikings do and how did they live? What was it like to be a child in the Viking Age; what did they play with, and how did they manage to be strong enough to carry swords and heavy shields? And why would really Viking kings stay right here at Avaldsnes?

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Viking for a day Adresse:
Kong Augvaldsvei 103, 4262 Avaldsnes
+47 52 81 24 00
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