Viking Settlement at Avaldsnes - a feeling of being back in the Viking Age

A 10 minute walk from Harald's ancient royal seat at Avaldsnes, you will find Bukkøy, where the Viking farm is. The Viking farm is rebuilt on the basis of archaeological findings made in Rogaland. At the Viking farm you can visit longhouse, Round House, Pit Homes. The mood and traditional surroundings provide an immediate feeling of being back in the Viking Age.

In the summer, the Viking farm is open to tourists, there are vikings who tell stories and show you around. The rest of the year in the evenings the garden is used for tours and banquet nights for closed groups.

Guided tours every day at 14:00 in the period June 22-16th August 2015.
Want to experience an event with a historic atmosphere can send us an informal mail and we can jointly find the way to a good total experience. Free entrance at the Viking farm Guiding every day at. 2:00 p.m. in the period June 24 - August 18, Cr. 100 for adults, 50 for children and 75 for seniors.

Contact information

Viking Settlement at Avaldsnes - a feeling of being back in the Viking Age Adresse:
Kong Augvaldsvei, 4262, Avaldsnes
Web page:
52 81 24 00
Opening hours:
2015-06-22 - 2015-08-16
Mandag - Tirsdag - Onsdag - Torsdag - Fredag - Lørdag - Søndag

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