Stay at Logbua In Åna-Sira. Originally a fisherman´s house and was used for cleaning and for storing fishing nets. The house was built in 1938 by the grandfather of the todays owner Per Arne Log. It has a caracteristic architecture from that period maybe inspired of the functionalism, and we think it is the only one of few built in Norway still remaining. Original color was yellow.

Experience Åna-Sira and its beautiful wild nature. Fisherman's house with the best location and a stunning seaview.

Today Logbua is a modern 3 floors house of 150 m2. 5 bedrooms and 3 wellness bathroom. Very modern high standard kitchen fully equipped. From the house you have the most stunning view to the sea. The house is winter isolated and has heating pumps and 2 fireplaces to give you the most cozy atmosphere in winter period. Heated floors in all bathrooms. Fiber Optic very fast Internet. TV and stereo. The owner Per Arne Log is an architect and designer, and he restored the house in 2000/2016

Due to its closeness to the sea and the mild clima at the coastline the temperatur almost never go below zero. Average temperature in winter 7 degrees. In summer you can swim in the sea.

Besøksadresse: Strandeveien 7, Åna-Sira, Norway

Booking: www.logbua.com post@logbua.com

Telefon: +47 47617671

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