The island of Eigerøya is a natural breakwater, shielding the mainland from the mighty waves of the North Sea. For centuries, this has provided a welcome lea for sailing between Lista and Nord Jæren, offering excellent conditions for yachts, commercial fishermen and shipping, helping to make Egersund one of Norway’s largest fishing ports today.

One hour’s drive to Stavanger Airport; train links for Jærbanen and Sørlandsbanen railways to Stavanger, Kristiansand and Oslo respectively. The E39 runs through the municipality 10 km from the centre, while Norwegian County Road 44, Nordsjøvegen, runs along the coast and through the centre.

The characteristically multicoloured wooden buildings of Egersund are a striking feature of the urban landscape. Whereas the other buildings along the south coast of Norway, from Kragerø to Skudeneshavn, are white, a riot of colour awaits you in Egersund.

Through to the early 20th century, all towns with wooden houses sported this colourful appearance. Only a minority of buildings were white. When inexpensive zinc-based white paint made its debut on the market, white had been the most expensive option and was the preserve of the rich and prosperous. Once the price of white came down, everyone wanted it.

Unlike the other coastal towns, Egersund was characterised by industry even from the 1840s. The smoke from the factory left a sooty film on houses that were painted white. The layer of soot was less noticeable on houses painted other colours. The faience factory was thus the reason why Egersund never became a white down, but retained its diverse, fascinating array of colours.

You can explore wooden houses up to 160 years old with the aid of an urban exploration brochure. You can book a guided tour via the Tourist Information Office. Egersund church – a unique cruciform church from the 18th century – is situated in the heart of the town. Open for tours mid-June – early August.

Bøckmans gate 2, 4th floor
4370 Egersund
Tel. 51 46 80 00
E-mail: post@eigersund.kommune.no
Website: www.eigersund.kommune.no
Facebook: www.facebook.com/eigersund

Tourist Information open in the summer:
Jernbaneveien 18, 4370 Egersund
Tel. 474 88 409
E-mail: turistkontoret@eigersundkommune.no

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