Here you will find an abundance of bird life and flora, beaches and breaking ocean waves, towering skies and light with an amazing, changing quality.

You will also find Jæren National Tourist Route here. It runs between Ogna and Bore and is 41 km long (highway 44/507).This highway really stands out from many of the other tourist routes: it is a true utility route. On this leg of the journey, you are more likely to find yourself sharing the road with everyone else using it for everyday use. However, consider this: using the road is actually part of the experience. Getting stuck behind a farmer driving a tractor will, in fact, make it easier for you to take in all the subtleties and details of the landscape. You’ll see heritage sites, the sea, fields, and light of a special quality that’s constantly changing. This coastal landscape is unique – there is nowhere else like it in Norway. You might find you need to stop the car to take a good look at the things that strike you most, or take the time to divert along some side roads. These will bring you closer to the sea, where you will be able to explore more than you could from the main road. The beaches of Jæren are an experience in their own right, whatever the weather, and the weather changes frequently; that is part of the charm of this locality. Here, it’s just as if the landscape is calm and slow, and nature is “stubborn and obstinate”, but then it can burst forth with ferocious temper. Here, you are part of life taking its course, and they say you have not seen all of Norway unless you have seen Jæren.

Hå Tourist Information
Hå Folkebibliotek, hovedbiblioteket
Tel: 51 43 40 11 / 51 43 40 12 Fax: 51 43 40 09
Open:  Mon–Thurs 10am to 7 pm, 
Fri 10 am to 3 pm, Sat 10 am to 2 pm.
18.6 - 20.8: Mon–Thurs 12 pm to 6 pm,
Fri. 12 pm to 3 pm, Saturday closed.

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Ogna beach


Obrestad lighthouse
Recreation House Kvassheim


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