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Welcome to Karmøy, Homeland of the Viking Kings – where it all began! Come and experience Karmøy – with crags and rocks jutting into the sea to the west. With long, silky-soft sandy beaches and breakers perpetually rolling ashore. Authentic coastal culture, the drama of the ocean, wriggling, fresh fish and fascinating history – that is Karmøy today.

Walk in the footsteps of Harald Fairhair who consolidated Norway into one kingdom. The church of St Olav, Nordvegen History Centre and the Viking village invite you to delve into historical discoveries. Princes, kings and slaves will be your guides here. The church and the history centre are situated with majestic views towards Karmsundet Sound, previously known as Nordvegen – the way to the north –– hence the name Norway.
Website : www.visitkarmoy.no/

Avaldsnes Tourist Information
Nordvegen Historiesenter, 4262 Avaldsnes
Tel: 52 81 24 00. E-mail: post@vikinggarden.no
Open: Visit www.avaldsnes.info

Kopervik Tourist Information
Rådhuset, 4250 Kopervik
Tel. 52 85 75 00. E-mail:servicetorg@karmoy.kommune.no
Open Mon–Fri: 7.30 am to 3.30 pm

Oasen Tourist Information
Oasen Storsenter, 5508 Karmsund
Tel: 52 83 10 89. E-mail: informasjon@oasenstorsenter.no
Open: 10 am to 8 pm, Saturdays: 10 am to 6 pm.

Skudeneshavn Tourist Information
Kaigt 5, Torget, 4280 Skudeneshavn
Tel: 52 85 80 00. E-mail:turist@karmoy.kommune.no
June/August: Mon–Sat 10 am to 4 pm. Sun 12 pm to 4 pm.
July: Mon–Sat 10 am to 5 pm. Sun 12 pm to 5 pm.

Explore Nordsjøvegen




Boathouses at Hop, Ferkingstad
Burial Mounds at Rehaugane
Fishermen's Memorial, Ferkingstad
Galleries on Karmøy
Geitungen Lighthouse
Historic Kopervik, Treborg
Historic Skudeneshavn
Høye Varde Lightstation
Nordvegen History Centre - Experience Norway’s Birthplace
Olav's Church at Avaldsnes - the mighty monument to greatness
St. Olav`s church at Avaldsnes - the mighty monument of former days of glory!
Syreneset Fort
The five bad virgins
The Five Wayward Virgins
The Museum in Mælandsgården
The Viking festival
The Viking Settlement
Vikeholmen lighthouse
Vikeholmen Lighthouse
Visnes Mining Museum
Åkrehamn Coast Museum


A guided tour of idyllic Skudeneshavn
Adventure hunt in Skudeneshavn
Archeologist for a day
Bike rental Skudeneshavn Turistinformasjon
Bukkøy, Avaldsnes
Fiordos Noruega
Fishing - Karmøy
Haugaland Zoo
Karmøy beaches - hike the white sandy dunes
Lindøy Recreation Area
Loan a small boat for free - Skudeneshavn
Nordsjøvegen History center
North Sea Cycle Route
Pilgrimage to St. Olav`s church
Sports facilities
Surf at Sandvesanden
Søre Sålefjell (Karmøy)
The “Time Travel” app
Viking for a day
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