Tinghaug - Krosshaug - Dysjane

The Tinghaug area abounds in prehistoric sites. Here you'll find not only Krosshaug, a burial mound dated 450 A.D, but Dysjane, the ruins of a circular formed farm with remains of 16 houses and about 8 burial mounds. At Krosshaug there is an ancient cross.

Tinghaug is an ancient court site and is the highest point in Klepp.

Many valuable finds have been made in this area among others 16 small, golden plates with pictures of norse gods. In whole Scandinavia there is found 100 such golden plates.

Contact information

Tinghaug - Krosshaug - Dysjane Adresse:
Postvegen, 4352, Kleppe
Web page:
51 42 98 00

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