Rennesøy – also known as the emerald isles – comprises a total of 8 islands. This municipality boasts immense botanical diversity and has the largest number and greatest density of historical relics in Norway. The island of Bru has a heritage trail with various artworks placed in the scenery along its route. Mosterøy has a medieval Utstein abbey – later a government building – which is a gem, and well worth a visit. On the island of Rennesøy, heading in towards the Ryfylke basin, is beautiful Østhusvik cove, offering plenty of scope for bathing, fishing and a unique place to spend the night by the water’s edge.

If you follow European Route E39 – also known as Kyststamvegen – north from Stavanger, you will first come to the Byfjord Tunnel, before reaching the “emerald isles” further up. The Byfjord Tunnel is one of the most impressive underwater tunnels in the world. The tunnel is 5,830 metres long and descends 223 metres below sea level. It became operational in 1992. (no toll)

Tourist Information:
By E39 on Mosterøy
Tel: 51 72 49 78
Open: 2.6-1.9 Mon–sat. 12 pm to 6 pm. Sun 11 am to 5 pm. Tuesday closed.

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