Sola Municipality is in Nord-Jæren, and is best known for Stavanger Airport and, of course, its magnificent long expanses of sandy beaches facing the North Sea. These beaches are part of the conservation landscape area, the beaches of Jæren. There is an abundance of bird life here, particularly out on the island of Rott.Sola Municipality is well endowed with relics of human activities, from the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, Viking times and through to the present day. Precious burial finds, many historical relics and traces of large farms speak of halcyon days dating all the way back to the Bronze Age. The grave mounds of Rege are the richest Bronze Age burial finds in Norway. It is likely that Norway was first consolidated as a single kingdom close to Ytraberget in Sola Municipality. A memorial stone bearing the signature of King Olav was raised near the top of Ytraberget to mark the 1,100th anniversary in 1972. The “sword-in-the-rock” monument, crafted by Fritz Røed, was unveiled in 1983. It is located in Møllebukta (close to the part of Hafrsfjord that belongs to Stavanger Municipality).

Sola Tourist Information:
Rådhusvegen 21, 4050 Sola
Tel: 51 65 33 00 - Fax: 51 65 31 89
Open: Mon–Fri 8 am to 3.30 pm.

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Erling Skjalgsson monument
Historical Aircraft Museum Sola
Rogaland War Historical Museum


Hellestø beach
Sola beach
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